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06/19/2017: Mother nature seems to be a little bit angry as we start approaching a new season as a hurricane spins toward Boston. Also be on the look out for a new breed of Infected called CLICKERS. For more information, you should check HERE All new posts should follow along with the changes. Stay safe ;]
03/4/2017: We're closing in on introducing a new type of Infected. Characters should start noticing some of the Infected are beginning to resemble CLICKERS. For more information, you should check HERE.
12/13/2016: Three new boards have been added to the site! Boston Underground, The Suburbs & Communications.
11/6/2016: Until Daylight is now Premium!

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
ERIN ELISABETH LITTLE Outsider 6-September 16 268
MILO BLACKWOOD Outsider 26-October 16 258
ALEXANDER MASON Raider 7-December 16 251
GRIFFIN MASON Raider 9-November 16 246
BROOKLYN JENKINS Outsider 23-October 16 242
ALEC BREWER Fireflies 16-January 17 214
THEA ROSALIE ARCHER Raider 10-September 16 195
WILLOW IVY MILLER HubResident 8-November 16 122
DEAN ALEXANDER BENNETT Fireflies 10-October 16 122
BENJAMIN LEVI TURNER HubResident 22-September 16 88
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